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Sunday, March 25, 2012

We're interested in meeting secure couples or bi females for hypersexual situations.

We are a secure couple of many years,we have an incredible sex life as well as sex drive. We're interested in meeting cool people that like to get out and have fun. We're not stuck on age restrictions whether it be younger or older, as much as we are, you being down to earth and sexy as hell. We do have rules that we live and play by,the biggest being, we don't play alone and we always play safe. We're very erotic and sensual and we both know how to please. We're into touching, soft swap as well as full swap if the mood is right. We're not the smallest couple but not the largest either, we both work out and try to stay healthy. In a nutshell, we are just your average horny neighbors looking for other CLEAN, drug and disease free horny neighbors or single women!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My personal swinging history

It's a peculiar thing, but the older one gets the more one thinks about the past. Perhaps it's a preparation for death or something?
Anyway, I've been thinking lately about the swinging lifestyle, how I got into it and my swinging career. I think my very first awareness of the lifestyle dates to the late 60's, when I was working in an office in London during the three months between finishing school and going to University - so I would have been 18. The office manager was a swinger, and he and his wife used to have parties at their house. I overheard him telling his closest friend in the office about the events of one particular Saturday night and I was gobsmacked! - I never thought that kind of thing went on! So that was how I became aware of the contact magazine scene - this was in the days before the internet, of course!
Contact mags were small booklets - about the size of a folded A4 sheet - called names like "Rendezvous". The idea was you wrote an advert - "Hunk wants to meet sexy lady, etc", and if any other reader was interested they wrote you a letter saying so, enclosing a stamped addressed envelope for your reply. Needless to say the ladies advertising must have received hundreds of such letters - and it usually turned out that they were "working girls". Buying stamps and envelopes and writing letters was a real chore every month! Funnily enough, though, I did meet a couple of nice ladies through this system - although the party scene eluded me.
I went to Northern Ireland to live, though, and sex in Ulster in the 70's was NOT ALLOWED - let alone swinging! I heard about the "car keys in a bowl" suburban parties that were meant to be going on in England but of course never got to one. There were rumours that in Belfast the presence of a packet of Omo washing powder in the kitchen window was an invitation placed by bored housewives - "Old Man Out" - but I never ever saw one - despite looking!
By the late 80's there was a Northern Ireland contact mag! - although it only had about five or six adverts in it! However, I did meet people from it so it was a start. By that time, however, my increased income meant could go on trips abroad - paris, Amsterdam, etc. - and that's where I discovered the swinging clubs - in particular, the Candy Club in Amsterdam. What a place - small, intimate, very friendly and full of dedicated swingers! I was just knocked out. I tried the Paris clubs as well, but the French in Paris don't like the English very much so that wasn't such a great experience - despite being very careful I was dreadfully ripped off one night to the tune of about £200 in a club that was actually full of working girls. The Candy Club was the place for me, though, and I went back a number of times.
And then came the internet!!! Younger readers will have no idea just how ground-breaking this was - just how quickly and how widely the opportunities opened out! I discovered Adult FriendFinder in about 2003 and started to use it to meet people - changing circumstances and mores in Belfast helped immensely in that.
And when I returned to England a couple of years ago it was an easy matter to track down the swingers' clubs in Manchester that I like to go to, after a false start going to a couple of crappy ones in Blackpool. And I found that there were women on Adult FriendFinder who wanted a taste of what goes on in the clubs and who were keen for me to escort them there - which brings us up to date!
Now I get to a club whenever I can and it's always good to take an enthusiastic woman. Sometimes I wish I were 35 years younger!
Comments welcome, as always - and if anyone wants to share their history, please feel free!

Friday, April 08, 2011

Wanting Swinging Couple for lots of sexy funxx

Jo Iam a BBW girl, long brown curly hair and love using my toys, and love deep penatration. I like giving oral with my tongue stud.I Also want to try my first Bi experience. Any ladies want to take my bi cherry.

Mark is straight meduim build, short hair, enjoys giving oral and reciving, and has a nice fat 8" cock. We are broad minded and try anything once.

We are new to the scene and need to be broken in easy, so please get into touch, no time waster's and no single men, "sorry Guys". no picture hunter's

We want to have as much fun as we can both handle and more. Get in touch where waiting for you. Please send pic or no answer back "sorry" and we will reply

We are looking for bi girls and couples for same room sex and swaping. We Want to meet fun and easy going couples. Apperence not important

Any single ladies who want to take me Bi cherry and have group fun with all of us involved.

He would love to try some MMF action, and wants to try more men.

Couples that are not bothered about apperence's. Any down to earth couples who just want to have lots of sexy fun

Come play with us

Hi, we've done loads of camming before, but now wanna take one step up and meet people in person.

We both crave sex when we're not together & can't wait to rip each others clothes off. Love to dress with stockings and heels and a nice pair of tight boxers hmmm!

We're open to new experiences so don't be shy, give us an email.


Monday, December 28, 2009

Conservative swingers?

swingers experience
It's the last thing I thought we'd say when we joined this site. The fact that we're here says something doesn't it? Yet we have discovered there is a wide range of "swingers", and we are on the more conservative side.
I say that because we choose to build friendships that last beyond the bedroom. It's not likely you'll find us "hooking up" on a first meeting. We take our time and get to know people before we play. We like to have a friendship we can build on. People that we can enjoy hanging out with whether or not sex is involved. Of course a night with good friends that ends in sex is always better
We thought we had the perfect couple. We had fun together in and out of the bedroom. Unfortunately for us, they are not around anymore. We're keeping our fingers crossed that they'll be back, but you never know. So for now we're just having fun, meeting new people, and hoping to find more friends with that little extra something.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Support for new swingers

new swingers

thought this might be a chance for people to share first experiences as a way to "teach/share" what to expect regarding before, during and after "the first time". :)

Open mind
establish boundaries
respect your partners
strong bond with your own partners
avoid alcohol induced encounters
you will have first encounters that will leave you emphoric
you will have first encounters that will leave you befuddled
you will find couples that you will bond with in and out of the bedroom
you will find couples that only want to bond in the bedroom
If you go into a first meeting with certain expectations, you will often times be disappointed. Approach the first meetings with an open mind and let the chemistry take its course and you will have a memorable encounter

Friday, August 21, 2009

Neighborhood Sex

Neighborhood Sex
Where we live, there is a very high turnover rate for neighbors. Tomorrow we have another new next door neighbor moving in, and in the last couple months we have had dozens of new neighbors in the adjoining buildings. I guess i am a sex hound or A F F programmed, because i find myself looking at people in a different way. So many times when the new neighbors roll in, my first thought is, "I wonder if they are swingers". Next i start looking at them to see if they are someone we might wanna play with. Then, i wonder how i could bring up the subject, maybe asking them about this site, or just telling them that we are swingers and always looking for some new fun. Of course i always chicken out, more concerned that maybe this lifestyle isn't something that i should attempt to share with people that live so close, in case they are prudes, or nutcases. My question is: IS THERE A CORRECT WAY TO APPROACH A NEIGHBOR THAT MIGHT INTEREST YOU SEXUALLY? IS IT BEST TO STICK TO WEBSITES OR CLUBS AND NOT PUSH THE ISSUE IN YOUR OWN NEIGHBORHOOD?. I dont exactly have anyone in mind, but some of the people that live close to us are smokin' hot, and look like they would be alot of fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

To swap or not to swap. (part II)

Rules of Wife Swapping

Wife swapping has no set rules. It is entirely up to you and your partner to decide the boundaries and limitations. Being in wife swapping, couples need not to be married. They should at least have some history of being together and familiar with each others' needs and emotions. Here are some general rules if you are considering entering into wife swapping:

* Good Communication - This is very critical due to the fact that you and your partner should be able to discuss each other needs and wants in a manner that it is the most comfortable with. If you are not happy about a situation you and your partner should be clear about it and why.

* Confidence and Comfort - Sex is a very powerful part of human experience and is where pleasure is often found. Wife swapping can only be reached if you and your partner have each others' confidence and comfort first. It might be worth thinking about whether there are any potential situations that you feel you would be more or less comfortable in and then discuss these with your partner.

* Trust, Sensitivity and Respect - Together as couple, trust and respect of each others view is very important especially if you are going to enter into wife swapping. Realistically, there will always be another partner, another personal ad, another dance, or another convention, but there may not be another chance to save an exploration into wife swapping if one of the partners becomes overwhelmed with it and forgets to treat his or her primary partner with sensitively and respect.

The general rule of thumb is that wife swapping works best only when couples view wife swapping as an enhancement to their existing sexual relationship, rather than to replace a fail one. Wife swapping is only a primarily social event. The normal social customs of greeting people and initiating a conversation are really not that different than at any other social interaction. The key social behaviors that tend to be appreciated among the wife swapping community are responsibility, friendliness, flirtatiousness, open-mindedness, and most importantly stability with regards to one's primary relationship. The pros and cons of whether or not you and your mate are compatible with the swinging lifestyle or even interested in it are many. Whatever you do, be sure that both of you are committed to it before ever trying it out.

You should remember that NO means No and should not be grounds for ill feeling. (Right!) Some basic rules should consider the parties feelings towards kissing, oral sex, anal sex, and so forth. Your rules should be firmly decided upon before you attempt to swap with other people.

Soft-Swap - it involves no vaginal penetration between non-spouses. But does involved some kind of kissing, flirting, caressing, touching, and oral sex. Those couples, who prefer soft-swap usually like the variety of new sexual partners, but prefer to save the intimacy of sex for their spouse.

Full Swap - this involves everything from kissing, flirting, caressing, touching, oral sex, full vaginal penetration, to anal sex between non-spouses. It can be in the same room or separate rooms. Those couples who enter full swapping, experience ultimate sexual adventures like never before.

Jack and Jill parties can be a lot of fun and very hot and exciting. They consist of a group of people being naked and watching each other masturbate with no touching between sexes.

Swapping is supposed to be fun and enjoyable for all parties involved. Spouses should get equal enjoyment as well as equal experience. Exchange of spouses allows those involve to enhance there sexual experience. It also allow couples to better appreciate there spouse.

Swapping between spouses takes a lot of understanding, trust, and love to do so. It is not simply for those couples who are in a rocky relationship or for those who are lack of trust. It is important that spouses understand why they are do it together and not just because one wants to. Without understanding "why", will only develop into jealously and possessiveness.

The Bible does not allow the practice of wife swapping. Wife swapping is considered as adultery. This is considered sinful and forbidden in the scripture. This is regardless whether your partner approves or allows it. All pornography that is appealing to the lust of the flesh and the lust of the eyes are also prohibited and condemned by the God.

I can remember when the air was clean and sex was dirty.

To swap or not to swap. (part I)

I have been chatting with a young couple that are interested in starting to swap and have been asking lots of questions of Eva and I. As a result I have checked out some articles on the subject.

There are so many pros and cons in participating in wife swapping activities. Here are some of the pros:

* Allowing you and your partner to explore your sexuality and sensuality in a new ways that it is not easily accepted in traditional communities.
* It is a good way for bi-curious women and men to discover their potential bisexuality without becoming drawn in the lesbian or gay community where many felt uncomfortable or unwelcome.

Many times the female will discover that she can be receptive to receiving oral sex, but does not enjoy giving oral sex to females.

* It allows both men and women the opportunity to reject monogamy
* It allows individual to explore and learn lots more about your sexual interests
* It can enhance a couple's relationship and their commitments to each other
* It helps to build up a strong level of trust and security
* You can make many new friends. LOL
* For many people watching, their partner being sexual with another is very arousing and hot

Here are some cons on wife swapping:

* It is not suitable for couples who are in a current relationship which is unstable and unhealthy.
* Wife swapping can tear apart couples through insecurity, jealousy, or lack of honest communication. (We have seen this happen more than once.)
* It is inappropriate for couples involved in wife swapping to cheat on their partner just like it is inappropriate for an individual in a monogamous relationship to cheat.

After discussion of some of the pros and cons of wife swapping, you and your partner should be able to determine and discuss are you both ready for such relationships. Whether or not you and your mate are compatible with wife swapping or even interested in it, remember being involved in wife swapping all parties must agree that the relationship is completely open and honest.

Husbands who enter the swapping scene usually have been married for sometime. This means that he and his wife have experience life together, know of each others wants and needs, and etc. They usually have a very close bond where they love, trust, and understand each other very much.

By swapping, the husband is not considered cheating on their partner because both of them have agreed upon swapping. Many would think that it is the husband choice to swap, but in fact it is usually the wife who wishes to engage in such a way of life. (There is a wide spread feeling that it is normally the male that wishes to start this act.)

Swapping is never viewed as unfaithful to your partner. Instead it is viewed as a way to further enhance the existing relationship in understanding each others' needs and wants, as well as enhancement sexually.

By swapping, the wife knows that her husband is not cheating behind her back. Instead they both get to chose together who they swap with. (You should always agree that both of you should feel something for the other couple, not agree only because your partner would like to have sex with the opposite partner.)It is usually, a couple who they are friends with. But at times they will experience with other couples just to add more spice to their sexual encounters.

Swapping with friends can be a way to lose that friend and should be gone into very carefully. (We seldom attempt to invite friends into our group for that reason. You should be sure that they are interested.)